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GC-MS Systems

GC-MS Systems

WA Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Facility

  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Model: 6890 GC, 5976 MSD
  • Year: 1998
  • Building: 500
  • Room: 322

Routine analyses of biomarkers in sediments and soil extracts/fractions, saturated, aromatic and polar hydrocarbons in petroleum, extracts from extant organisms (plants, algae, corals, stromatolites) and phospholipid fatty acid and sterol analyses. Multiple injection systems including liquid injections and pyrolysis methods.

  • Split/splitless injector with autosampler or manual injection for liquid samples.
  • Cool on-column injector.
  • Micro-scale sealed vessel (MSSV) pyrolysis system.
  • Flash pyrolysis.
  • Pyroprobe.

Contact: Kliti Grice