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Curtin Experimental Geochemistry Facility

The Curtin Experimental Geochemistry Facility (CEG) provides facility for experimental petrology, geochemistry and hydrogeochemistry at pressures and temperatures that range from those at the Earth’s surface to those at the base of the Earth’s crust. We have the capacity to undertake experiments at pressure-conditions that simulate conditions from the surface to the Earth’s mantle.

2x150 ton end loaded Piston Cylinder Presses

2×150 ton end loaded Piston Cylinder Presses

Assorted furnaces to 1400 degrees C
Assorted bombs, titanium and Teflon-lined assorted equipment for measuring characteristics of aqueous solutions – e.g. pH meters, titration equipment.


Coretest Hydrothermal Apparatus

Coretest Hydrothermal Apparatus

Flow through experiments and two phase sampling to 0.05 GPa and 450°C.





Cold seal apparatus

Cold Seal Apparatus

To 0.5 GPa and 750°C.





  • Simulation of mineral weathering
  • Dissolution of ore metals in ore solutions
  • Partitioning of ore metals between solutions and vapour
  • Phase equilibria experiments at crustal conditions
  • Standard synthesis