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GeoHistory Facility

  • Manufacturer: Australian Scientific Instruments
  • Model: Alphachron
  • Year: 2012
  • Building: 312
  • Room: 116

This instrument is designed specifically to extract and analyse gasses in solid samples, predominantly helium.

  • High vacuum system consisting of dry diaphragm fore pump, hybrid turbo pump with controller, and ion pump with controller;
  • Quadrople mass spectrometer (QMS);
  • Range of mass magnitude: 1-100 amu;
  • Detector: Faraday/passage multiplier;
  • Detection limit: < 2×10-11 mbar;
  • Sensitivity of Ar: > 5×10-4/200A/mbar;
  • Stainless steel high-vacuum line with automatic and manual valves;
  • 3×3.3 litre stainless steel tanks with 3He spike, an analytical 4He standard, and a 4He reference standard;
  • Solenoid system and control panel for automatic valve control
  • Alphachron system software/drivers for laser automation, gas handling and measurement of radiogenic helium.

Contact: Noreen Evans