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SelFrag & Mineral Separation Facility

High voltage electrodynamic disaggregation of materials in gram- to kilo-scale batches, along with downstream mineral separation processing, to deliver mineral concentrates, separates, mounts for SHRIMP and LA-ICPMS analysis.


  • High voltage electrodynamic disaggregation of materials

Rock Preparation Laboratory

Rock raw, rock splitter, sieving and panning devices, frantz Magnetic Separator and mount preparation devices.






Heavy Liquid Separation Devices





SMS SelFrag

SelFrag Lab Device

For electrodynamic disaggregation of composite materials.






SMS Facility supports a range of geochronological and geochemical applications including, but not limited to:

  • U-Pb Dating and Trace Element Analysis of Accessory Phases
  • Fragmentation Analysis
  • Pre-weakening of Ore Materials
  • Purification of Industrial Products