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Resonetics Resolution M-50A Excimer Laser

Resonetics Resolution M-50A Excimer Laser

GeoHistory Facility

  • Manufacturer: Resonetics-Australian Scientific Instruments
  • Model: M-50
  • Year: 2012
  • Building: 312
  • Room: 116

This instrument comprises a Resonetics RESOlution M-50A-LR incorporating a Compex 102 excimer laser. It is designed to ablate material from a solid sample for introductions to the mass spectrometer(s).

  • Automation: ICP-MS integration, variety of sample holders, powerful software and sophisticated options for automated data collection.
  • Mapping: RESOlution instrument features fast cell response, uniform and stable signal, flexible software and a wide range of spot sizes and shapes.
  • Mineral Analysis: The analysis of mineral samples: flexible fluence control, variable spot sizes, powerful image importing software and extensive integration with a range of other analytical instruments.
  • Banded Samples: To achieve superior results on banded samples, this instrument offers flexible ablation control, built-in surface cleaning, the all-essential rotating slit module as well as an automated diversion valve.

Contact: Noreen Evans