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Coretest Systems HFS-340Z

Coretest Systems HFS-340Z

Curtin Experimental Geochemistry Facility

  • Manufacturer: Coretest Systems
  • Model: HFS-340Z
  • Year: 2013
  • Building: 312
  • Room: 308

The system is comprised of a stainless steel reactor containing a chemically inert, flexible titanium vessel rate to 400°C and 500 bar. This vessel is fitted with fluid lines at top and bottom for a flow-through configuration or in-situ sampling of coexisting high and low-density fluids (e.g., brine and water vapour). The flexible titanium allows for constant pressure during fluid sampling, as the vessel will contract when fluid is removed.

  • Pressure to 500 bar
  • Temperature to 400°C
  • Simulates hydrothermal and ore-forming conditions