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AU/C/AL Coating Machine

AU/C/AL Coating Machine

Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe Facility

  • Manufacturer: K950X
  • Year: 2000
  • Building: 301
  • Room: 038

The K950X comes with a Turbo Pump fitted as a standard, and is backed by a Rotary Vacuum Pump, the complete sequence being under fully automatic control and the vacuum better than 1×10-5 mbar. A variable control is available to pre-heat and outgas the rods, whilst the use of an instantaneous evaporate switch allows burst evaporation under user control, allowing for gold/carbon/aluminium coating of a few nanometre thick.

  • Automatic pumping sequence
  • Rotating specimen table
  • Menu-driven ‘user’ key inputs
  • Quick release head for optional heads
  • Restricted vent control
  • Turbomolecular pump